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Three Gifts

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The Spiritual Pathway to Freedom

The Spiritual Pathway to Freedom

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Introduction to Mountaintop Publishing: From the original book "The Ultimate Freedom" by John H. Wyndham, available in English, Spanish, Russian, and German, we'll take you to the book and musical production of "Numberland." From there you may fly with the book, "Bird", be soothed by the music of "Something Bright and Beautiful", be inspired by our latest musical productions, "Musicland," and the beautiful "Children's Anthem." And you will smile at the illustrations, laugh at some stories, then ponder deeply the spiritual lessons in "Quiet Answers."

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Auriel  Wyndham Livezey

Announcing a New Book: Three Gifts by Auriel Wyndham is a book that will appeal to all those who have wondered about the diminishing churches and the future of religion. It can literally be given to anyone, but will have special meaning, and even a few surprises, for dedicated students of the Bible.

Religion, medicine and science are represented at a special conference to discover why the churches are diminishing. Past, present and future are all brought into focus as they find that the problem of the present can only be solved by putting together the puzzle of the past. There are many clues such as the three gifts given to the baby Jesus. Everyone loves a mystery, and this is an historical and metaphysical one!

The first review received by a dedicated student:

"Three Gifts, by Auriel Wyndham, is a clever, fun, and fast-paced introduction to the concept of intellectual eras, and how they have impacted modern religious practice."

The 218 page book is $18.95 with special pricing for bulk orders. Contact us at 949-916-4947.

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