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Three Gifts

Three Gifts

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The Spiritual Pathway to Freedom

The Spiritual Pathway to Freedom

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The Ultimate Freedom
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During the 1960s, a second-grade student said, "If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a new world." The boy’s grandfather, John H. Wyndham, also had the desire for an improved world when he was a young man. This desire survived even the rigors of three years as a prisoner of war as told in The Ultimate Freedom. The answers he found in the prison camp, and afterwards, show how it is possible to see our lives and world renewed.

A changed view makes for a changed life, and this is related in the book of lectures titled, The Spiritual Pathway to Freedom. May all of us in earth’s classroom hear Quiet Answers to our small and large questions. An allegory about "perfect 10" titled Numberland, in book or musical form, will provide food for thought and some laughs along the way.

Three Gifts tackles the question as to why the churches and religion are diminishing, and some surprising answers emerge. Bird will lift you higher while the music of Something Bright and Beautiful will anchor you to peace.

May mankind make such progress that the children of the world will join in singing the Children’s Anthem: "Love is our anthem, the message we bring, joy to all mankind."

Yes, the world of Mountaintop Publishing is designed to inspire and uplift. Welcome to our world!

Auriel  Wyndham Livezey

Announcing a New Book: Three Gifts by Auriel Wyndham is a book that will appeal to all those who have wondered about the diminishing churches and the future of religion. It can literally be given to anyone, but will have special meaning, and even a few surprises, for dedicated students of the Bible.

Review comment:

"Three Gifts, by Auriel Wyndham, is a clever, fun, and fast-paced introduction to the concept of intellectual eras, and how they have impacted modern religious practice."

The 218 page book is $18.95 with special pricing for bulk orders. Contact us at 949-916-4947.

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