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Bird by Auriel Wyndham Livezey

NOW AVAILABLE-- "Bird" audio book and "Lessons from Bird" 

Bird is the inspiring, true story of a tiny bird that arrived at a very small house on the top of Palomar Mountain in the spring of 1985.  This little hard-cover book is beautifully illustrated and makes a wonderful gift.  It touches gently on prayer and is enjoyed by adults and children alike.  Special cards that fit over the front cover are for Christmas or general gift-giving.  Gift Cover for Bird

bulletBird is a hardcover, illustrated book $16.00
Bird with special gift card that fits over the front cover (regular) or (Christmas) $17.00
Audio book read by the author. CD $10.00, Cassette $5.00

"Lessons from Bird." After reading Bird, enjoy the many experiences and spiritual lessons learned by the author, Auriel Wyndham Livezey, and her husband, Glen, on Palomar Mountain.  Auriel relates these lessons on (this 82 minute) CD or cassette.  The recording also contains four songs including the beautiful new song, "The Language of Love." (Also available as a single on CD by special order).

bulletJumbo cassette, $11.00.

Just one of the many comments:

"Bird is a perfect book in every way!"